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Benefits of Registering Internationally

  1. Gives the company exclusive right to commercialise in those markets.
  2. Prevents counterfeiting and ensures the company exclusive rights to monetise their brand.
  3. Provides a basis for franchising and building expansion strategies.

Madrid Protocol

India joined the Madrid Protocol on 8th July 2013. The protocol consolidates registration in various countries and makes it easier for one to apply for trademark licensing in foreign countries. It provides a single, cost-effective strategy to procure a license in several foreign nations. As of today, there are 104 members, covering 120 countries under the Madrid protocol.

  • To apply this protocol, the company must have a valid trademark in India. Through a single application, you can gain access to multiple countries thereby reducing the paperwork and the expense.
  • The fees for the procedure is decided based on what class of license you require and how many countries you need it to be in effect. Also, a payment of Rs. 2,000/-  has to be made to the Indian Trade Mark Registry.
  • Once the application has been filed, each country’s officials examine the documents to check whether it complies with the laws of that country specifically.
  • The international registration is dependent on the primary application filed for five years.
  • If the country you wish to work does not feature in the Madrid Protocol, then separate applications have to be filed directly to those countriese

International Trademark Registration Process

  • International trademark registration requires an application to be filed by the owner of the brand, through the office of origin which is where the company is based.
  • For Indian companies, India serves as the office of origin.
  • The office of origin processes the application and files it if it complies with the rules laid out by the Intellectual Property Organization at Geneva.
  • If the application is approved, it is featured in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Gazette of International Marks, and the International Bureau provides a certificate of registration after notifying the countries the applicant had requested a license for in the application.
  • Each country has the right to refuse the trademark, but objections must be raised within 12 to 18 months at the proper office.
  • If there are no objections, then the registration is deemed complete.
  • The mark is registered for ten years under this protocol, following which they must be renewed through the WIPO or the first office of origin.

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Steps summarised

Register the trademark in India first before applying for universal assurance, guarantee you have enlisted for an Indian permit.

Do your exploration to ensure your trademark in remote nations, set out to find out about their laws with the goal that you have a decent comprehension of exchange laws those nations.

Utilize the Madrid Protocol. This gives a one-stop answer for every one of your stresses.

Contract a legal advisor If the nation you need to work in doesn’t fall under the Madrid system,(Saudi Arabia, Canada) procure a legal counselor and look for lawful direction.

Interpretations are significant. Cautiously consider the unknown dialects as interpretations would get dubious with regards to trademarks. Innocuous terms in English might be hostile in different dialects.

Roughly 4,000,000 trademark applications are documented every year everywhere throughout the world. As more brands are made and more organizations extend, it gets basic to know about the laws required for you to develop your business and grow abroad. Understanding the complexities identified with enrolling a trademark encourages you streamline your organization’s development possibilities.

For worldwide trademark enrollment, the proprietor of the brand should fill the application from the organization’s source. When the application is endorsed, at that point it is highlighted in the World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO) Gazette of International Marks. The International Bureau issues enrollment testament. Any nation can deny the trademark , yet dismissal ought to be inside 12 to year and a half at the workplace. At that point, the trademark is enlisted for a long time and ought to be reestablished through WIPO.


Generally, non-distinctive marks cannot be easily registered and would face several objections, unless the applicant proves that the mark is inherently distinctive or has acquired distinctiveness by virtue of long, continuous and extensive usage. In most cases, Inherently distinctive marks get hasslefree registration.

No, a company/business registration name is the corporate name of an entity that is duly incorporated in the respective State. For instance, Apple Inc. is the company name and “Apple” is the registered trademark of Apple Inc.

A USPTO examining attorney will review the application for completeness and compliance with the main registrability requirements.

A trademark registration formally takes effect on the registration date; however, once registration issues, the rights provided by registration will date back to the filing date of the application.

If no substantive issues arise during the examination process, registration may be granted within six to nine months of the application’s filing more than 100kg per day. Based on the type of profession, businesses are required to issue FSSAI license from Union or State Government.


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