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File your TDS Return Online - An Overview

Online TDS return is a statement given to the IT department every quarter. It is essential for every deductor to deposit income tax and file for TDS return on time.

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TDS Return for individuals and businesses

TDS Return for individuals and businesses

An employer or company that has valid TAN – Tax Collection and Deduction Account Number can file for online TDS return. Any individual or business who makes a particular payment which is stated under the I-T Act needs to deduct tax at source. The deposit for the same has to be made within the stipulated time. The payment categories include:

  • Salary
  • Insurance commission
  • Income from winning horse races
  • Income by way of “Income on Securities”
  • Income by way of winning the lottery, puzzles, and others
  • Payment in respect of National Saving Scheme and many others

An assessee can submit an e-TDS return if the same was deducted from their income. As mentioned earlier, it is the obligation of the assessee to file within the due date or be liable to pay a penalty for delay. The categories of assessees eligible to electronically file TDS return every quarter are:

  • Company
  • Persons whose accounts are audited u/s44AB
  • Persons holding an office under the Government

TDS Return Online Process

Documents Required For TDS Return

Benefits Of TDS Return Filing

As per the IT Act of 1961 filing TDS return is mandatory as well as it fetches some benefits to person or company. A few advantages of submitting a return and knowing the refund status are:

A steady inflow of income to the government.

Facilitates a smooth collection of taxes used for welfare.

No burden of paying tax lump sum as the payment is done every three months for the whole year

Things to remember before Filing TDS Return on time

For any person who has TDS reduction in their pay, TDS return can be filed online. Return preparation has to be done within the prescribed time frame because for individuals who are deemed as a regular defaulter in India, a grave penalty can be charged. Therefore submitting e-TDS Return in the prescribed time is essential.

For the deductor, it is vital to deposit the subtracted TDS to the concerned government department along with the details.

The time period within which the deductor should deposit the amount and the deductee has to file for TDS refund are given below. It is important to stick to the schedule to avoid incurring a penalty.

For online TDS return, every single person who has made the TDS deduction should file the TDS return without fail. The deductor should make the quarterly submissions at the Income Tax department. There are different types of forms available in accordance with the change in the intent of the TDS deductions made. The PAN details of both the deductees and the deductor should be added in the statement. The statement should also contain information about TDS challan and the tax details among other important details.


It is the duty of the person who is making payment to someone for specified goods or services to deduct TDS and file TDS return. The specified payment includes salary, interest, commission, brokerage, professional fees, royalty, contract payments, etc

Yes. It is mandatory for deductors and employees to submit their PAN as well.
While paying TDS, e – payment is the compulsory process.

TAN is an alphanumeric 10-digit number required by a person who is liable to deduct TDS and file TDS return. Thus such a person must make an application within a month of deducting TDS for allotment of Tax Deduction and Collection Number (TAN) in Form 49B

PAN of the deductor has to be given by non-Government deductors. It is essential to quote PAN of all deductees.

Payment can be done using net banking online on NSDL by selecting Challan 281. The TDS payments should be made before filing the TDS return. e-payment is compulsory for all Corporate assesses and non-corporate assessees who are liable for audit u/s 44AB

There is no threshold limit as such referred under the Income Tax Act, and TDS is to be deducted from the whole amount of expense.

TDS needs to be deducted while the amount of expenses is to be credited or paid to the payee, whatsoever is earlier.

Yes. apart from the basic penalty of INR 200 per day, there is an additional penalty for non-filing of TDS return within one year from the particular date, which can vary from INR 10,000 to 1 lakh.


Inclusive all taxes

RS 1499
TDS Return filing 
for single quarter 

Inclusive all taxes

RS 2499

TDS Return filing
Generation of Form 16A 
for single quarter 


Inclusive all taxes

RS 4999
TDS Return filing 
Generation of Form 16A 
for one financial year


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