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MSME Registration

MSME Registration also known as Udyog Aadhar. A passport for every startup business. We can get it within 2 working days while you sit back at your place and relax.


Low-Interest rate

All banks and other financial institutions recognize MSMEs and have created special schemes for them. MSME’s get the privilege of lower interest rate on business loans. 

Relaxation in Trademark Government Fees

Government has given relaxation in government fees of the trademark to MSME registered entities. The fee shall be @4500/- for small enterprises despite trademark fee for enterprises other than MSME’s is @9000/-

Tender Eligibility

There is a certain quota reserved for MSME Registered Entity in government tender allotment.

No delayed payment 

If an MSME entity has made any sale then the buyer has to pay to the MSME’s entity within the 45 days from the date of delivery of product or services.

Credit Support Schemes

Government of India runs several schemes to provide financial assistance to MSME for their business.

Easy loan in 59 minutes 

Recently, the government has announced that all MSMEs having MSME Registration and GST registration will be granted easy up to ₹ 5 crores within 59 minutes. This scheme has been discussed below in detail.

MSME/SSI Registration Certificate Online Process

Procedure To Obtain MSME SSI Registration Certificate Online

Documents Required For MSME Registration

  1. Aadhar number of the applicant
  2. Name, gender, PAN number, email id and mobile number of the applicant.
  3. PAN, location, and address of the organization.
  4. A number of employees and the date, you are planning to start your business.
  5. Bank account number and IFSC code
  6. The basic business activity of the enterprise
  7. NIC 2 digit code
  8. Investment in plant and machinery/equipment
  9. MoA and AoA
  10. Copies of Sales Bill and Purchase Bill

Benefits Of Udyog Aadhaar

Udyog Aadhaar registration is provided free of cost by the Government and its simple and easy to obtain online. After obtaining Udyog Aadhaar, a business can enjoy the following benefits:

Udyog Aadhaar eligibility - Who should obtain SSI/MSME Registration?

The eligibility for the scheme of MSME or SSI registration is dependent on the scale of business of the enterprise. Udyog Aadhaar registration is applicable for Proprietorship, Hindu Undivided Family(HUF), one-person company(OPC), Partnership Firm, public limited company, private limited company, production company, co-operative societies, limited liability partnership(LLP) or any association of persons or any other undertaking.

A.  Micro Enterprises:

A manufacturing enterprise should have investment of less than Rs. 25 lakhs in plant and machinery. A service enterprise should have less than Rs. 10 lakhs invested. These micro enterprises are the smallest entities.

B.  Small Enterprises:

For manufacturing enterprises, the investment has to be between Rs. 25 lakhs and Rs. 5 crores in plant and machinery. For service enterprises, the range is between Rs. 10 lakhs and Rs. 2 crores.

B.Medium Enterprises:

If it is a manufacturing enterprise, the investment in plant and machinery has to be between Rs. 5 crore and Rs. 10 crores. If it is a service enterprise, the range is from Rs. 2 crores to Rs. 5 crores.


Yes, Aadhar Card is mandatory for MSME Registration

MSME Certificate is valid for life until you exceed the turnover criteria as defined in the MSMED Act 

Yes, you can but it’s a lengthy process it is better to link Aadhar card with an active mobile number to get MSME registration certificate instantly

ST number on your Email id.registration

We will provide you MSME Certificate within 2 working days 

Yes legalStartup is an online platform serving all over India no matters wherever you are doing business all you need is required documents and internet connection on your mobile or desktop and we are ready to get your job done


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MSME Registration

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MSME Registration 

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MSME Registration 

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