Marriage Registration in Dwarka, Delhi

Marriage is considered as one of the most sacred and important events in an individual’s life. The process of registering a marriage ensures that the marriage is legally recognized and can be beneficial for various legal purposes such as obtaining a passport, opening a joint bank account, and applying for a home loan. In this article, we will discuss the process of marriage registration in Dwarka, Delhi, including the necessary documents and procedures involved.

Benefits of Marriage registration in India

Marriage is a significant event in one’s life and often considered as a lifetime commitment between two individuals. In India, the registration of a marriage is mandatory by law, and it offers various benefits to the couple. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of marriage registration in India.

  1. Legal Recognition: Marriage registration provides legal recognition to the marriage, and it is proof of a valid marriage. The registration certificate is an official document issued by the government, which is recognized by courts and other authorities as proof of marriage. It can be used as evidence in court in case of disputes or legal proceedings.
  2. Social Security Benefits: A marriage certificate is essential for availing social security benefits from the government. These benefits include family pension, health insurance, and other schemes provided by the government to married couples. The certificate also helps in the nomination of the spouse as the beneficiary for various government schemes.
  3. Visa and Passport: Marriage registration is necessary for obtaining a visa or a passport. The certificate acts as proof of the marriage and is required for applying for a passport or a visa. In case one of the spouses is a foreign national, the certificate is required for obtaining a residence permit.
  4. Property Rights: Marriage registration is essential for obtaining property rights. The certificate is proof of marriage and is required for claiming ownership or inheritance of property. It helps in transferring the property in the name of the spouse, and the certificate can be used as evidence in court in case of disputes.
  5. Joint Bank Account: Marriage registration enables the couple to open a joint bank account. It helps in the management of finances and in the smooth functioning of the household. The certificate is required for opening a joint bank account, and it also helps in obtaining loans and credit facilities from banks.
  6. Divorce Proceedings: Marriage registration makes it easier for couples to apply for a divorce. The certificate is proof of marriage, and it simplifies the divorce proceedings. The certificate is also required for the settlement of alimony, child custody, and property distribution.
  7. Adoption: Marriage registration is necessary for adopting a child. The certificate is required for the adoption process, and it helps in establishing the identity and legitimacy of the parents. It also provides the child with social and legal rights.
  8. Legal Protection: Marriage registration provides legal protection to the couple. It ensures that the rights of the couple are protected under the law, and it provides legal remedies in case of disputes or violations. It also helps in preventing fraudulent marriages, bigamy, and other illegal activities.

The Process of Marriage Registration in Dwarka, Delhi:

  1. Eligibility Criteria: The couple who wishes to register their marriage should fulfil certain eligibility criteria. The bridegroom should be at least 21 years old, and the bride should be at least 18 years old. Both parties should be of sound mind and capable of entering into a marriage contract.
  2. Documents Required: The following documents are required for marriage registration in Dwarka, Delhi:

a. Proof of Age: The bride and groom should submit their respective birth certificates, matriculation certificate, or passport.

b. Proof of Residence: The couple should provide their residential address proof, which can be a driving license, voter ID card, or utility bills such as electricity, water, or gas bill.

c. Marriage Invitation Card: A copy of the marriage invitation card is required for verification purposes.

d. Photographs: Two passport size photographs of each person should be submitted.

e. Affidavit: The couple should submit a joint affidavit stating that they are getting married out of their free will and without any coercion or pressure from any individual or entity.

f. Divorce Decree: In case either party was previously married, a divorce decree or death certificate of the previous spouse should be submitted.

  1. Application Procedure: The couple should fill out the application form, which can be obtained from the sub-registrar office or can be downloaded from the official website of the Delhi government. The application form should be filled out with the necessary details and should be signed by both parties. Along with the application form, the necessary documents should also be submitted.
  2. Verification Process: Once the application form and documents are submitted, the verification process begins. The sub-registrar office will verify the documents and schedule a date for the couple to appear in person.
  3. Marriage Certificate: Once the verification process is complete, the couple will receive their marriage certificate. The marriage certificate is an important legal document and should be kept safely.

Important Points to Remember Before Registering a Marriage:

  1. The application for marriage registration should be made within 60 days of the date of the marriage.
  2. The application fee for marriage registration is Rs. 100.
  3. The marriage registration process can take up to 30 days to complete.
  4. In case the couple belongs to different religions or countries, the Special Marriage Act 1954 applies.
  5. The marriage certificate can be obtained either in person or by post.


Marriage registration is an essential legal requirement in India. The process of marriage registration in Dwarka, Delhi, is simple and straightforward. The couple should ensure that they fulfil the eligibility criteria and have all the necessary documents before applying for marriage registration. Once the process is complete, the couple will receive their marriage certificate, which can be used for various legal purposes. It is important to note that marriage registration is a legal requirement, and failure to do so can result in legal complications in the future.

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