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The FSSAI registration fee / food license fee varies from place to place, and also depends on the annual turnover and nature of the business. Food Business Operators need to pay FSSAI Registration Fee / Food License Fee depending on the business activities trade, retailers as well as import/export manufacture.

FSSAI is the food regulatory authority in India with the power to grant food licenses to all food businesses.

FSSAI Registration Fee/Cost

FSSAI registration fee starts from Rs 100 and is within the range of Rs 7500. The categories vary depending on the location as well as the nature of the company. The subdivision of FSSAI registration fee is into two parts – Government Fee and Professional Fee. Government charges a government fee for officially handling the application while professionals charge a specialist fee for preparing your application.

FSSAI registration fees are for three types of registration-

Basic FSSAI Registration Fee/ License Fee

Food businesses with an annual turnover of less than Rs 12 lakh will have to pay Rs 100 per year as basic FSSAI license fee.

State FSSAI License Fee

Food businesses with an annual turnover of more than Rs 12 lakh and not crossing the Rs 20 crore mark need to pay Rs 2000/5000 per year.

Central FSSAI License Fee

Food businesses with an annual turnover of more than 20 crores will have to pay Rs 7500 per year as central FSSAI license fee.

What is FSSAI License/Registration?

Indian consumers nowadays are conscious as well as cautious while buying and consuming food items. Food business operators must obtain an approval mark from the Ministry of Food or health authorities [1] or the government to assure customers that they are receiving quality food that is fit for consumption. They should assure their customers that they will get approved products from the market.

FSSAI was formed on September 5, 2008 under the FSS Act 2006. The objective behind the establishment of FSSAI was to protect as well as promote the health of the people in India by setting food standards and guidelines. FSSAI license and FSSAI registration is mandatory for all types of food business. All food business operators must obtain FSSAI license certificate on the basis of turnover in a financial year.

Documents Required for FSSAI Registration/FSSAI License

To get FSSAI license in India, the essential documents that you must have in your kitty are-

  • Photo identity card of food business operator
  • Completed and duly signed Form B
  • Rent agreement
  • Full list of included food products
  • Food Safety Management System Plan

Documents for FSSAI State License

  • Form B – Duly signed and completed
  • Unit layout
  • Food ingredients list
  • Authorization letter
  • Any proof of possession of the premises or rent agreement
  • List of Directors on the basis of nature of entity
  • List of Proprietors and Partners etc. by entity type
  • Certificate of Food Safety Management System

Documents for FSSAI Central License

  • Form-B duly signed and completed
  • Unit layout
  • Raw material sources
  • List of machinery along with equipment used in the unit
  • Form IX
  • List of Food Items to be Traded with
  • List of partners, proprietors as well as directors
  • Certificate from Ministry of Commerce- 100% EOU
  • Authorization letter
  • Certificate from Ministry of Tourism
  • Rent agreement or other proof of possession
  • PA/NOC Documents by FSSAI
  • License copy and NOC of the manufacturer
  • Form of declaration

Additional documents for manufacturers

  • A list containing all machinery and equipment
  • Layout of Processing Unit – Blueprint required
  • Report on water residues of pesticides
  • List of food categories to be manufactured

Steps to get FSSAI License in India

Step-Basic Registration

  • Once the regulatory body has verified your documents, You need to go to the login creation step in which your login ID will be created.
  • After your login ID is generated, we will provide you duly filled Form A for further approval process.
  • Once you confirm the approval from your end, we will go ahead and process your application.
  • Finally, we will take another step of application submission along with depositing the prescribed FSSAI registration fee.
  • License will be available in 10-15 days. It totally depends on your business site.

Steps-State License

  • After the regulatory body completes your document verification process, we will generate a login ID for you.
  • In order to obtain the FSSAI State License, it is mandatory to submit the declaration along with the prescribed form, which is an additional document.
  • Further, the declaration form 9 along with the signed declaration statement (general) of the subscriber is kept.
  • After that, we will file the required documents along with Form B.
  • The license will reach your hands in a time frame of 20-30 days.
  • However, if there is an error or problem with your application, Get it fixed and sorted, and then the application will be filed within thirty days.
  • On the other hand, the chances of your application getting rejected will increase, and you will have to go through all the steps from the beginning.

Step-Central License

  • The same procedure needs to be followed for obtaining a Fssai central license which is required in the case of obtaining a state license.
  • The only thing that makes a difference is the type of business a food business owner operates. Not only this, the time taken to issue the central license is also the same.
  • If your corporation is involved in import/export of food products then you should obtain IEC. IEC stands for Import Export Code.
  • The turnover of the business does not matter at all if you require IEC.
  • If you are in the business of transporting food items from one point of origin to another, you will need a central license.


FSSAI has to do the following things:
(i) laying down science based standards for articles of food
(ii) to regulate manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and import of food
(iii) to facilitate food safety.

There are three different types of FSSAI registration, the required time for FSSAI license registration differs.
1. The basic FSSAI license will be delivered in 7 working days.
2. State license and Central license will be provided in 30 days.

FSSAI registration is mandatory for every food business in India. You can contact our experts on 9313454647 and get to know your license related details by them.

There is different threshold limit for the different kind of food processing units.

Obtaining FSSAI license is obligatory for all food business operators whose Annual turnover exceeds ₹12 lakh and Production capacity is more than 100kg per day. Based on the type of profession, businesses are required to issue FSSAI license from Union or State Government.

The validity of FSSAI Registration/License is varied from 1-5 years. Accordingly, the person needs to apply for FSSAI Renewal.

Those processing between 500 l to 50,000 l/day milk require FSSAI State license. Those processing above 50,000 l or 2500 MT/day milk requires a Central FSSAI license.

Those processing up to 500 kg or 150 MT meats every day require FSSAI State license, while those processing more than that require Central FSSAI license.

Those having Turnover up to ₹20 Crores require FSSAI State license, while those with Turnover above ₹20 Crores require Central license.

You require only a State FSSAI license in case you are running a Dhaba, mess or a Canteen and you have a turnover above 12 lakhs.

On successful registration under FSSAI, you will receive a digital copy of certificate which is equivalent to the hard copy. Thus, you do not require a separate hard copy of FSSAI certificate. This digital copy will be updated as and when you apply for FSSAI Renewal.

FSSAI Registration is required when your annual turnover does not exceed INR 12 Lacs otherwise FSSAI License is required. Both FSSAI registration and FSSAI license can be updated through application for FSSAI Renewal.

Yes, you would require a separate license for each kind of products you are dealing in.

The taxes you pay on input goods/services can be used as an Input Tax Credit (ITC) against output tax liabilities.

The priorities of the FSSAI is laying down science based standards for articles of food and to regulate their manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and import, to ensure availability of safe and wholesome food for human Consumption. Its main motive was to maintain the a particular standard of the food quality and to curb the adulteration and substandard quality of food.

Yes, you can mention FSSAI registration number on food the product packets after registration.

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