Benefits of BARCODE

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Universal product identification

Provides unambiguous and universal identification of products, so no two products in the world will have the same GS1 barcode number.

Prompt Product Listing

Helps in faster listing of products on e-commerce platforms.

A standard practice

Modern business meets the pre-requisite for doing business with retailers.
Gives the products an international look and feel.

Accuracy and fast billing

Retail billing provides accurate and fast billing at the counter.
Since a barcode is a unique key to identify a product (via GTIN), it can be used to identify products without any ambiguity and to place an exact order for them.

Customized inventory management

With product barcodes, the company can use technology to maintain precise control over inventory. For example, warehouses and retailers can scan barcodes to record inventory when products arrive and leave. Some companies link their inventory control to online portals so that they can immediately update the status of the package.

Helps to maintain error free

Enables automatic data capture with 100% information accuracy. It helps eliminate human errors, offering a reliable way to read encoded information.

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