What Is The Validity Of The FSSAI License?

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What Is The Validity Of The FSSAI License?

FSSAI is the authority constituted by the Government of India to issue licenses to all food supply and packaging companies. This ensures that the food manufactured and sold is of the best quality and is free from any adulteration. It is important for any company operating a food business to obtain a license. Along with the validity of the FSSAI license, we will focus on other important aspects.

There are various types of food licenses issued by FSSAI; They are central license, state license and basic registration license. The type of license varies, depending on the quantity and quantity manufactured. After successful registration of FSSAI license, you will get FSSAI registration certificate which has all the information related to the operation and timing of the business.

FSSAI license number
FSSAI license validity period
FSSAI Renewal Process
Documents for FSSAI license
FSSAI license number
The FSSAI certificate contains the FSSAI license number. This is a 14 digit number that should be where you are running your business. This 14 digit number can be divided into the following parts:

Section 1 – The first digital shows whether the business is registered or not.
For Section 2 – This is the state code, this is where the business is run.
In addition, Section 3 – 4th and 5th numbers indicate the year of registration of the food business.
Sections 4 – 6th, 7th, and 8th numbers indicate the amount of enrollment master.
Section 5 – 9th – 14th is the license number.
FSSAI license is valid for a fixed period, after which you will have to go for renewal of FSSAI license.

FSSAI license validity period
Registration is valid for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 5 years.
Before the license expires, you must apply for renewal of the license. This must be done 30 days before the expiration date of the license. If anyone fails to do so, he will have to pay a fine of Rs. 100 for each day.

FSSAI Renewal Process
The following will help you in renewing FSSAI license:

If you are going for Central or State FSSAI registration, in case of Basic FSSAI registration or Form B you need to fill Form A.
After successful completion and submission of the form, the officers will verify whether the information is valid or not, and once they have successfully inspected the same, they will proceed with the application for renewal.
Some officers may conduct business investigations.
Subsequently, the FSSAI can conduct a detailed inspection of the basis where your business is operating and whether or not you are adhering to defining the standards outlined by the government. They will prepare a report of the same and hand it over to the authorities.
License is issued within 60 days
Documents for FSSAI license renewal
As mentioned there are three different types of FSSAI licenses, the documentation for their renewal also varies slightly. These are given below:

State and Central FSSAI License:

Form B duly filled and signed
Photo of the applicant or authorized signatory or director
Address proof of directors
Unit layout plan
ID proof of directors
Food category if you are a manufacturing company
NOC from local body
Additionally, many tools in the case of a manufacturing company
Memorandum and Articles of Association
Proof of authority such as property ownership or utility bill
A cancelled check
If you are applying for a central license, you will have to keep all the above documents and the documents mentioned below.
Certificate from the Ministry of Commerce
Proof of turnover
Water report
IEC Documents issued by DGFT
With this piece of information, you can easily go for FSSAI renovation.

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